Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moon fairy digital collage

I'm not into fairies as much as some people, but I couldn't resist making this collage. I used a lovely night landscape photograph I took at Christmastime. I like the way she's looking back at the moon, it's a very contemplative pose.

Wacky hair Hannah page

Every year, Hannah's school has a Wacky Hair Day. This year we put school supplies in her hair, pencils, watercolor, glue, eraser, etc. I love the look on her face. She loves being silly!

Sweet Hannah eyes

Oh so blue eyes! You are precious, my Hannah.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update on Tricia and another scrapbook page

Well, I want to thank all of my family and friends for their thoughts, calls and prayers! I have felt very loved and cared for.

The surgery went well. I was pretty out of it for a few days because of the meds, but am using Advil now; I like being able to have a coherent conversation! I am healing nicely, but have had an extreme case of cabin fever. I definitely appreciate all the little things, like being able to drive oneself around to run simple errands.

The cyst turned out to be about eight inches in length, and was really a tumor, with three cysts forming it. The surgeon had to drain the tumor before she could remove it. As per my permission beforehand, she also removed my uterus in addition to the ovary covered by the tumor. It's a good thing I was planning on that, because she said the tumor was so pervasive, the uterus would have had to be taken out anyway. Everything was all jumbled together with adhesions.

Anyway, enough of that. Poor Hannah has had a cough and fever the last few days. So John had to deal with two sick girls the last few days. At least she's been in good spirits. But of course, you can't just have one major event in one week--it makes sense to have two or three, doesn't it? :)

All for now,

This digital collage was created using a free digital scrapbooking kit by Carrie at and

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rest for your soul

I took this photo at a park last fall. I always like to get an "unusual angle," therefore my jeans often all grassy and sometimes muddy. But the shots are often worth it!

The picture of this bench just reminded me that we need to be still and listen to God's voice, not doing anything else. I don't do this as often as I should, but I'm getting there. It helps to get away from it all, by myself, and just sit, away from everything else besides a bottle of water and my Bible. I hope you enjoy this collage and take some time to listen to Him today.

All for now,


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Butterfly moments

I had a lot of fun creating this collage! I really like how it turned out.

I created the texture behind the little girl by using a photograph I took that consists primarily of long prairie grass (taken in Oklahoma) and then used the infrared (Paint Shop Pro X) on it. Makes her all kind of dreamy looking.

Special thanks to the graphics fairy for this image.


Friday, February 13, 2009

A special Valentine

I know I'm posting a lot today, but I have a lot to say. It was a very full week, of blessings and opportunities. Here they are in a nutshell:

We have been trying to figure out how to come up with our part of the $$$ for my upcoming surgery (February 16). We have tried to build up our emergency reserve, but there simply was not enough in it to pay the hospital AND the doctor up front, even with good medical insurance.

John and I have been trusting that God would provide the money, somehow, someway. We knew that we had some money that should be coming in eventually, from a specific source, but the probability of it arriving in time was zilch.

Enter God, and the way He works. We have been committed to not using credit cards after attending a financial seminar last August-November. And we have kept that commitment. But we thought we would have to give in this time. However, I kept telling God that I knew that was not His plan for us, to slide back down that road.

Turns out I was right.

John called my cell last evening while I was out and about. "Guess what we got in the mail?" I knew immediately! You don't understand how amazing this is! We had literally filled out the paperwork to cancel an (unnecessary) insurance policy only a week or two ago. And we all know how much insurance companies love to part with their money, right? ha! And the money arrived on the last day possible before our hospital pre-registration today. So neat.

One last cool note: I have been praying for God's help in a matter, but didn't know if it was really that urgent and felt a little silly praying for it, but did just the same. We have been impressed that having ID theft protection would be a good idea, but were unsure how to proceed, or how to afford one more thing.

Yesterday we got a notice in the mail that said that someone (long story)will be providing that service for us for FREE. No it's not a scam, this is someone we know personally. I had wondered if I should even pray for that, for His guidance, and then POW! Right in the spiritual kisser. God knocks one out of the park. Wait, I'm mixing my athletic metaphors, but you get the point!

I created a very simple Valentine for God and am posting it. If you look closely, you can see a church inside the Valentine heart. This symbolizes my public and private worship. Why not give Him my heart? And continue memorizing Scripture to know Him more.

May He bless you today and always,
a REAL peaceseeker

More photos of the birthday girl

Photo 2: A lovely sweater Grandma Williams sent!

Hannah's fancy 'do

Here is a fancy hairstyle photo. You can't really tell a whole lot, but I braided small braids on the side of her hair, by her temples, and then pulled it back up into an upsweep.

We then decided it might give her a headache, so eventually, it evolved into a very fancy ponytail! ha!

Hannah's birthday reprise

Hannah had a wonderful birthday--she celebrated about three times. First, the week before, mom and dad drove up and went with me to pick her up after school. What a happy surprise for her! Then to top it off, we visited a certain ice cream shop (the same one I have loved since childhood), and gave ourselves a terrific sugar high! (And special thank yous to Grandma Williams (sent lots of goodies) and aunts, uncles and friends who sent lovely cards!)

On her actual birthday (February 8), Hannah opened nine presents (from parents and grandparents), which included movies, clothes and her favorite gift, from mommie: a computer game that involves "taking care" of puppies, fun games that involve everything puppy. She has played the game just about every day since. (Note: $4 at Half Price Books--how I love a good bargain.)

However, we are very careful not to allow her to spend *too* much time on the computer, but it is a very sweet, innocent game. We make sure to go to the park a lot and go for walks; she also rides her scooter and plays with neighbor children. She knows it's important to get her exercise!

Daddy and Hannah made cookies on her birthday as well, and then both Daddy and I showed up Monday at lunchtime, cookies in tow, to celebrate her day with her classmates. She was very proud to say she had made the cookies. We even passed some around to other teachers and staff! I have a giving daughter...

Oh, one more thing: Hannah had wanted to go to Libby Lu, a very girly girl store located at most malls (turns out they went out of business). But everything about that store was pretty expensive, especially the "makeovers." No, they don't really use a lot of makeup and all, they just have young women in the store who will fix up a child's hair like a punk rocker, or princess or some such. Well, in the interest of teaching her to spend money wisely, I explained that that was something *I* could do for her, that she hadn't yet "tapped the potential" of her mother's hairstyling skills! ha! (I'm so modest.)

So that's what we did. We looked up cute kid hairstyles photos online and she picked out a very cute style, which I'll try to post (a photo of) here.

So there you go. The 9th birthday account down to the last detail. I know you can sleep soundly now. :)

All for now,

This one goes out to the best mom ever

Okay, so this page took a ridiculous amount of time, I'm talking hours and hours. I started out with a completely different vision, set of photographs, papers, embellishments and so on, than when I finished. But here it is!

I wanted to convey how special my mom is to me, and that I know she has given her all to her family throughout the years.

For that and so much more, thank you, Mommie! I realize this three months before Mother's Day, but you know, mothers should be celebrated every day, right?

Love you, Mom.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something funny today--too good!

Photo caption says:

Find Him Yourself!

I thought I'd post a funny photo today, since yesterday's post was kinda serious. Hope you enjoy! I found the photo on

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can living in exile be good?

John gave me a Max Lucado Bible several years ago and I use it off and on with another Bible or two. One reason I like it is because it has lots of mini-devotionals along the sides and in special inserts.

Tonight we read in Ezra about the captives that returned from Babylon and began to rebuild the Temple, and all the opposition they met with as a result of the rebuilding. I have to admit, I'd never read Ezra before. But it's been very interesting.

Anyway, I'd like to share one of those little devotionals here:

* * *

The exile was the "crucible of Israel's faith." They were pushed to the edge of existence where they thought they were hanging on by the skin of their teeth, and they found that in fact they had been pushed to the center, where God was.

They experienced not bare survival, but abundant life. Now they saw their previous life as subsistence living, a marginal existence absorbed in consumption and fashion, empty ritual and insensitive exploitation...

It keeps on happening. Exile is the worst that reveals the best. "It's hard believing," says Faulkner, "but disaster seems to be good for people."...
All of us are given moments, days, months, years of exile. What will we do with them? Wish we were someplace else? Complain? Escape into fantasies?... Or build and plant and marry and seek the shalom of the place we inhabit and the people we are with?

Exile reveals what really matters and frees us to pursue what really matters and frees us to pursue what really matters, which is to seek the Lord with all our hearts.

Run with the Horses
by Eugene Peterson

* * *

This really made me think. A bit heavy, but really powerful as well.

God's blessings to you...

(I took this photo of some ruins at Pecos National Park in New Mexico in Nov. 2005)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doorway to the Future by Tricia

Here's a digital collage I created, using a picture of a mysterious little girl plus a photograph of a doorway that I took while on vacation in Santa Fe. The doorway was part of some old ruins in Pecos National Park. The sky really was that blue. I'm fascinated with doors. My old photography Web site was titled Blue Door Photography.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tricia's joining of art and family blogs: Archival Bliss

Lately my creativity has taken a definite turn toward recording family histories, of creating a sort of family heritage album, in addition to my card-making, that has brought me much satisfaction and joy.

Because of this, I have combined both of my blogs to create one blog: Archival Bliss. I have enjoyed focusing on getting to know various family members, deceased and currently living, through the little bits and pieces that other family members have shared.

This online journal, a place to connect and become acquainted with others, has also become a venue of self-discovery as well. I welcome any and all to join in the fun--and perhaps experience a satisfying journey of introspection as well.

Photo: Me, age 7, enjoying the written word

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pretty birdie card

Fairy Home creation

This one took me awhile (an evening) to complete, too. This is actually made on foamcore.

There's also a ribbon around it and I'll probably place it up on a wall. I plan to use one part of a wall in my living room, and call it my Wall of Inspiration, placing all sorts of photos, visual arts and more on it. Both my creations and others'. Fun fun!

A homey collage...

This collage took me almost an entire evening to complete. I kind of wish I could visit this place I created on paper! :)

Something's fishy... card

Fancy Valentine's Day card

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A totally different sort of digital art by Tricia

OK, folks, I must say that my little budgie has felt a little left out of all the legacy scrapbooking, so I am, by direct (huh?) orders from my birdie, including this cute little page I created.

Yes, it's a bit different from the others. But it has style. It has oomph. And it has a poem that I wrote, which must be read with someone b-boxing in the background.

For those of you who do not know what that is, from, well, the 1980s to present...well, I may just have to ask you to deal with it (or be relieved in your ignorance).

Keep in mind, this rap song/poem made a WHOLE lot more sense when we still had our rabbit, Honey Bunny. But why let a possible Pulitzer prize winning poem go to waste by sending directly to the computer Recycling Bin? Oh the horror! (ha and double ha!)

So, without further ado, here it is. And for the one or two of you who cannot receive graphics/photos on your computer, I'm doubly apologetic because this post will seem utterly and hopelessly BIZARRE! (like it already doesn't??)

From Tricia, Mama Bird

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Japanese Garden pix

Photo 1: hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Good advice for us all, little statue monkeys!

Photo 2: John, looking pensive, very Zen-like!

Photo 3: A nice shot that John took.

Photo 4: A little pagoda thing (my apologies to the Japanese for my ignorance). I think it looks like a Fairy House.

Photo 5: Bamboo railing in golden light

John and Tricia--date weekend

I have treasured this weekend, as it is the first time in six months that John and I have had some true couple time. Seriously, the last time was Jan. 31/Aug. 1, on our 10th wedding anniversary. Some dear friends took Hannah for the weekend (she's with her BFF), and all I could say was hallelujah!I say thank you, thank you and I'll say it again: Thank you!

On Sabbath (yesterday) John and I went to the Japanese Gardens, which is part of the Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth. We were only there for less than an hour before they closed, but it was still awesome; there were no crowds and it was 60 degrees outside! Perfect! We took some nice pix and then stayed out for the rest of the evening, partied hard at Barnes & Noble (ha!), and were back at home by 11 p.m. Alas, the old-timers were "done in!" :)

Then today, I thought, "Let's really live it up," so we went someplace with culture. With fine dining. With multi-cultural activities. With a wide variety of merchandise. A place I'd heard was special and "like no other..."

Yes, folks, we visited the Trader's Village Flea Market in Grand Prairie. I experienced sights, sounds, and (heaven help me) smells I've not smelled before (or in a long time). Traffic was clogged, the air was polluted, and we PAID money (only $3) for the gatekeeper to let us in. Not one of my brighter moments, alas I was desperate for "a fun time."

On a happy note: John bought me an early Valentine's day gift: Vera Wang's Princess, sold in a department store near you (but without the insult to the olfactories), yet we bought it for a SONG! And for some reason, after we bought it, I announced firmly "I'm ready to leave." After just 58 minutes, I'd had enough "culture." So there you have it. What John and Tricia do on a date: thrilling, exciting, and envy-producing moments for any and all.

All for now, Tricia

Another photo collage, just for fun

I was just messing around with some photos here. I thought the lady in red was striking, just a clip art photo of some unknown woman. But the ladder in the background is a "kiva," a photo I took at some ruins near Santa Fe.

For some reason, the woman looks like a "Tessa." And it looked like she likes to daydream, thus the title.