Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just catching my breath

Well, we've been trying to catch up since John and Hannah returned from California.They had a wonderful visit, getting to spend time with Grandma Williams. Hannah and Grandma went shopping, baked cookies, put puzzles together, went sightseeing around Lake Oroville near Paradise where Grandma lives. So I was so happy for them to have such quality time together.

While they were gone, I outdid myself in the social area--I got together with girlfriends until I exhausted myself. Monday night I went to a women's ministries social and actually had a blast. (I'm not usually a crowd person.) Wednesday night I went out with my friend Lyneita, went to craft stores and ate at Olive Garden. Friday night I attended a get-together at my friend Jessica's house. She's a friend from college, one I always wanted to get to know better, but never seemed to have the time. Now I do! I got to meet some new girlfriends there, and that was fun, too!

Last week it seemed like it took a long time for us to get back into our routine. Homework, housework, all of the mundane things--so hard to get into the swing of things.

I was contacted a few days ago by a woman who needed my editing services for her business, so that's taken up a good amount of time. I must admit, though, I'm having a blast with it. I'd pretty much completed any and all projects for the book publisher by last fall. Because they will be going a different direction, or at least not producing any new texts, I have probably edited my last project for them. I'm a little wistful about that, because I worked for Concerned Communications for 10 years and really enjoyed it. All the people there were terrific; what a great experience!

My sister is getting so close to finishing her physician's assistant schooling. By August, she will be a bonafide doctor! I'm so proud of her I could burst! Go Pam!

I guess that's it for now,


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some good alone time

John and Hannah left for California last week, so I've been by myself all week, enjoying the peace and quiet. I would say I've definitely had enough quiet time! I'm ready for them to come home. Sunday night, baby! Yay!

I'm soooo glad John (and Hannah) are getting to spend some quality time with his mom. Hannah's not really visited with her Grandma Williams very much, hasn't gotten to know her that well. But now they've apparently had lots of nice time together this week. I am sure they've both made some lovely memories this week.

John has had some wonderful conversations with his mom, too, and learned some things about her he never knew. I'm so sorry mom is by herself now, with Papa-do (Ken, my father-in-law) passing away in January. She is so loving, so giving, and I'm glad Hannah's gotten to know her a little bit more. I'm hoping Hannah will be able and want to spend more time on the phone and even writing or emailing her Grandma now that they've connected so well during this visit. I've made sure to talk a lot about all our family members so Hannah feels close to them, but it's not the same as experiencing some memories with them herself.

I decided to do some spring cleaning. Whew, our house needed it! It seems like our little bunny can make a mess of our small apartment in just a short amount of time.

I spent time today with my folks. I love being with them. They are just so easy to spend time with. We just talk and talk. On the other hand, we also can just read or whatever and enjoy being in the same room together. I know a lot of people might think that having a small apartment is less desirable than a bigger house/home, but I'm realizing it can be a true blessing. Yes, I'd like to have more space to move around in, here at our own place. But it's also nice that as family, in being "forced" to be in close quarters, I think we end up closer and with a tighter-knit bond.

I submitted a photograph and poem to a publication called Life Images. I hope it gets published. It's a pic of Hannah and a poem about her. I'll try to share on this blog eventually. I was planning to submit it anyway, but I was encouraged by some kind words of a good friend, Paula, that I should be submitting my photography to contests or for publication. Thanks, Paula, for the encouragement!

I have also been scanning some of my pretty cards in, so I'll try to share one or two of those. One is to my friend who just got married (Hannah was the flower girl in her wedding).

Guess that's it for now!