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Hannah: Up Close and Personal

I would have to say that Hannah never holds back what she's thinking: The other evening at bedtime, she told me, "Mama, you must be so proud of yourself to have such a wonderful kid like me! "

And so humble too! was my thought... ha!


Last night while helping her with her homework, she had launched into some story, and mid-stream, looked at me and said with a giggle, "Why, Mama! I just tell you everything, don't I?"

I'll say. Amen and double amen to that!


Hannah learned how to use the super duper, handheld vacuum (John won the vacuum as some sort of a prize at work). I'm a little addicted to it and now I believe Hannah has caught the vacuum fever as well. She also figured out how to de-attach all the various parts, as well as charge the battery. She said, after vacuuming up her entire room and bathroom, "well, I sure am growing up, aren't I? learning to use this vacuum and all!"


I was a handy-dandy gal the other evening as well. I couldn't stand Hannah's nighttime fan rattling anymore, so I got out John's screwdriver set and proceeded to take it apart to clean it and fix the rattle. I surprised myself by actually remembering how to put everything back in place. There was one moment, however, when I thought I'd blown it: I turned the switch and nothing happened. Oh no! I broke it. Wait, what's that? Oh, the fan's not plugged in. Whew! Beautiful white noise established once again. (sigh of relief)


But I think the truly proud moment was earlier that day, on Sunday. After cleaning out the leaves and trash out of the car, I rewarded myself with a trip to Barnes and Noble.

Much to my delight (sarcasm here), I found a 3X5 size sticker on my sweater that read "I need a lunch ticket. I'd been walking around the bookstore for two hours that way. It must have attached itself to me when I was cleaning out the car! Lucky me! I *wondered* at the inquiring looks at the bookstore...

A proud moment indeed.