Thursday, March 15, 2012

Softball and... Egypt?

What do softball and Egypt have in common?

This past month, Hannah had her first softball game at Burton. Her team, Burton Angels, lost their first game, February 28, but WON their second (away) game, 8-7! So they are doing great! It was very exciting to watch my girlie go up to bat. Was I, uh, nervous for her? I'll say! I got some great pix of her. Oh, and she stole second and third bases, so that was pretty cool! And apparently she stole several more bases on her away game that I didn't attend.

I was shocked beyond measure when Hannah came home and said she wanted to play softball. It seemed to come from nowhere, but I'm SO glad she did! For years, she was this little girlie that turned her nose (politely) at sports. But this year has been a year of changes all the way around: she's been willing to try new things on, and I'd say she "wears adventure well!" Singing in public, joining an athletic team, and more.

Where does Egypt come into play? Last week, Burton had Spirit Week, where each day of the week has a certain theme (cowboy, international, etc.). She dressed up as an Egyptian with full headdress, thanks to her Aunt Pam who actually bought the costume at the base of the pyramids in Egypt! She has always loved the gift, but there aren't that many opportunities in life to wear that sort of thing, so Hannah was thrilled.

She was also happy to have won THIRD PLACE in the junior high costume contest. Many of her 6th grade classmates believe she should have won first place, since the voting members of junior high SA are mostly made up of 7th graders (a 7th grader won first place). But nepotism aside, she was happy. Besides, I know in life, it's better to win third place on occasion--if you win first too often, you're rarely satisfied with second or third.

John and I made a trip to Granbury, TX, Tuesday of this week. The drive over was simply lovely, and we saw the first bluebonnets of the season! We rarely have the time, energy, money, all at the same time, to go anywhere together either as a family or as a couple, so that was special. It was also special because Granbury was a town we used to visit as a couple years ago, pre-Hannah.

The best of all was that John took me up on my "request" that he go play golf on Monday. Poor guy, NEVAH gets to have any fun. If he has the money, he doesn't have energy. If he has money and energy, it rains... well, you get the idea! So when Monday morning shone bright and beautiful, I pleaded with him to go, and after hemming and hawing around for two hours, he went! yay! (Sorry, no pix of golfing.) John said he didn't know who was happier about him being on the fairway--me or him! ha!

All for now,

Tiptoe through the tulips

This one turned out fun. After I painted it, I created some more details with pen & ink. The bottom flower is a little wonky looking, but the top tulips looks pretty good! I'll take what I can get! Mostly, I just hope I am improving! I know I won't paint "masterpieces" for quite some time, I'm sure. But as long as I continue to learn and grow, I'm happy!

All for now,