Thursday, August 28, 2008

So glad my sister is here!

My sister is visiting us here in Texas. I'm so glad she's able to be here. And I'm also very proud of her: She graduated this past Sunday from a VERY grueling two years of Physician's Assistant school! She even was awarded high honors for doing so well in her classes and rotations, an award given to only five class members.

Mom and Dad and I have been "sharing" our time with her. I'm so aggravated that I've spent a lot of time being sick, felt like a truck ran over me, the last two days, but I'm feeling better tonight and hoping maybe she and I can shop or just hang out tomorrow. Poor Hannah's not gotten to spend *any* time with her Auntie Pam, whom she loves very much.

We're watching an I Love Lucy episode. Hannah's been enjoying them so much; she gets such a belly laugh over Lucy's antics.

Reflections of Days Gone By

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Hannah doosie

Last night I was helping Hannah put some clothes away (or rather, encouraging *her* to do it). She said, "Mommy, I don't have anything to hang this shirt on."

Sure enough, for whatever reason, she was all out of hangers.

Hannah continued, "I gotta get some more hangovers, don't I?"


She got a funny look on her face, like she knew that wasn't quite right, but couldn't remember what the real word was.

Wanna know the scary thing? I didn't even bat an eye when she said "hangover," I guess I just knew what she was trying to say. But it didn't sound wrong to me at first. Who, me? Tired?



Majestic II

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hannah conversations

Hannah, bowing like a princess (her idea). No idea why she has such a serious look on her face, except that maybe she was concentrating very hard!

A couple of funny Hannah conversations:

Tricia: Hannah, you're the best!

Hannah: No I'm not, Mommy! GOD is!

Tricia: Oh, yes, that's right, God's the best.

Hannah, looking thoughtful: But I'm second!

Tricia: That's right, sweetheart! You (family) comes after God.

Hannah: And Daddy's third.

Tricia, quick to respond: No, sweetie, you and daddy are equal.

Hannah, looking reluctant to give up second place: Well, okaaay.


Hannah tried on her new school uniform jumper. She wanted one all year last year, but at $40 each, we just couldn't justify one, at least not so soon after such an expensive move (from KY to Texas). That's not including the blouse that goes underneath the jumper.

She was so happy to show off her new dress to her daddy. John was appropriately impressed and told her she looked wonderful. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "You look like a million bucks!"

Very seriously, Hannah replied, "Thank you, daddy, but I only look like 59 dollars!"
She didn't understand why John and I broke out into an extreme case of chuckles!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We were 'Singing in the Rain'

A couple of weeks ago, I came home from being out and about. I'd gotten some pretty rough news earlier in the day and was feeling pretty down. To top it off, I couldn't even pull into our apartment complex because of the flooding that surrounded the driveway. So I pulled into a nearby parking lot and walked home. I was wearing sandals and decided to just take them off and walk in my bare feet.

When I got home, soaked to the skin, I decided to "make some memories" and invited Hannah to join me in splashing in some puddles! What great fun we had, and even got John to take some pictures! I wanted that day to end on a positive note, if possible, and I made one little girlie verrrrry happy!

All for now!


Tree Stump at Sunset (Arlington, TX)

Monday, August 4, 2008

10th Anniversary Fun!

John and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past Friday. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years; I feel very blessed to have had such a happy marriage the entire time. That's worth it's weight in gold!

John and I took a little trip to get away; we realized how long it'd been since we'd stayed in any "nicer" hotels, even La Quinta (still not too fancy), because we realized just how much they've gone up in price! I guess we travel so little. . . but still, we had fun. We didn't do anything extravagant. Simply getting away was an extravagance for us, while a good friend watched Hannah. We did visit Cowtown (Fort Worth), but it was so hot, we didn't stay too long. We just walked around a while, shopped in a really neat store, tried on cowboy hats (at least I did), and had a relaxing time. For the most part, we just enjoyed the hotel, though. We read and played games and napped and watched TV. It was so fun to watch John relax! I have just as much fun seeing *him* have a nice time as I do when I'm just chilling.

We're watching a very rousing Rangers/Yankees ballgame right now. Our girlie is sleeping (we hope!) and we're having fun just hanging out together.

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