Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Oklahoma 2

My Oklahoma

Through the Looking Glass Window

Texas wildflowers

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blue vase

Uptown girls (for a few hours)

Hannah and I got “dolled up” today and drove all the way to Dallas to shop at the Galleria. We were both excited to see the new American Doll store (the original store is located in Chicago, which I saw on my trip in January). And we did have fun, but only for a while. Everything was sooooo expensive (the dolls start at about $90, or at least the ones we saw), that after a while it just wasn’t fun for her because she knew she wouldn’t get one.

Even if she had the money, I don’t know if I could stomach letting her buy one herself. I mean, what kind of investment would that be, what would I be teaching her about being a good steward of our money? I say this carefully, because I know that there are some little girls 1) whose parents can afford not only the doll but all the accoutrements and accessories and/or 2) receiving a doll is extremely important to some young ladies.

But it isn’t for Hannah. I mean, yes, it was on the “that’s neat!” level, but she has not been pining and dreaming and wishing and hoping. So I think it’s a different matter, just being wistful about something “kinda neat” rather than something you’ve longed for and saved for.

Anyway, she didn’t leave the Galleria empty-handed. We bought a small gift for John for his upcoming birthday and also a little stuffed dog for her (which she said she’d pay me back for). I don’t always take her up on that, but sometimes I think it’s good for kids to be able to spend some of their money and feel that “pain” of bringing out the ole’ wallet and plunking down some money. They need to see what it’s all about, earning the money (she does chores for extra money now and then), and then stepping back to decide whether that was a wise choice or not. I don’t know if this is a sound principle, but I’m trying to do something to teach some money management.

Well, I have more to share, but I’ll close for now. Oh! I had a terrific birthday (on June 20th). Maybe I can write more about that in a later post. Probably the best birthday in years, and believe me, I was due for one! Ha!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Yellow Rose of My Birthday

Turtle on a Log

I picked the name Turtle on a Log for my art blog because one of my most favorite things to see is turtles basking in the sun, all in a line, sitting on a log. In addition, one of my favorite animals is a turtle; I had several turtles as pets when I was a child. There was Herkymer, Squirt, the red-eared turtle, Mindy and Cindy, the twins.

I sometimes identify myself as a turtle with my personality--slow, methodical, likes to bask in the sun, enjoys the company of others, but needs a lot of solitude and more.

In this blog, I will showcase my handmade cards, photography, and perhaps even some poetry or other short pieces of writing.

Friday was my birthday, so I will post a photo of the rose my daughter (thank you, girlie) bought me, a yellow rose of Texas. Quite appropriate for us Texans!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Long Day

Computer's on the blink, so I'm writing this from John's laptop.

I've been making cards today and crafting with Hannah. We also watched a couple of movies, Rataotoille (sp?) and an American Girl movie. She's at a fun age and is finally learning not to be so crazy and wild around Mama, that I like things relatively calm.

Poor John crashed early tonight. He was so tired. We both are and were so glad that she fell asleep at a decent time.

I've also been practicing my calligraphy quite a bit. I'm actually making some progress in learning some of the specific typography and fonts. I'll try to show some pix here eventually.

A long summer ahead of us--we're already looking forward to school starting! I guess if our babysitters didn't keep bailing on us, or falling through, it'd be OK. As it is, I'm hoping we can celebrate our birthdays in style anyway (20th and 26th). Funny, I still enjoy my birthday, even at 34 years old! Even if it was just me and a cake on an island, I'd still celebrate!

Well, that's it for now.