Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Land Ho, the Williams family goes boating (retro pix)

Here's a fun scrapbook page. Hannah was about five years old when we took these pictures. "Oh captain, my captain John" looks as handsome as ever. And yes, aren't those life vests flattering--I practically look like America's Next Top Model in mine! ha!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Motherhood rambles

Well, this week we've been going through "withdrawls" from not having Grandma around! But Hannah and Daddy have gotten into the routine of swimming at noon and suppertime, for the most part. I try to get Hannah out and about, but it's hard to think of different things to do when it's so hot outside. Also, I know Hannah misses her school friends. She spent the day and overnight at a girlfriend's house Sunday and Sunday night and I know she was so happy to get to be with a friend, especially Marlee!

Today was an unusual day. Hannah came inside from playing in the shade with her neighbor kid friends, and complained of lots of bug bites. After a few minutes, I realized her face was starting to swell up, and the bug bites on arms and legs were not bug bites, but she was having some allergic reaction to something! She had had some gum (thanks to a neighbor kid), and maybe she had an allergic reaction to that? Poor thing, she's snoozing on the couch, with her feet under my laptop, because of so much Benadryl in her! I've had a few allergic reactions in the past, and that was the main thing that helped me. She was starting to get really scared, poor little baby. She looks so peaceful, though, I hate to wake her up. Plus, I know she was disappointed at not going swimming--and I just don't know if that's a good idea, even if the swelling's down.

She seemed to really want me near her. So here I am on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, and Hannah sawing wood next to me. Hate to do it, but I better wake her up soon; I don't want her to not sleep tonight and it's so late in the day to take a nap! Also, having Mary Poppins movie going on in the background makes for such a surreal afternoon! ha!

I love being a mother. Even with the ups and downs and craziness of another person's life so deeply enmeshed with mine, until I can sometimes no longer see ME, I love this little girl with the honey-wheat blond hair, sparkling personality and practical joke ways. She smiles into places of my soul I never knew were dark--until she was born. I love you, precious Hannah. Time to wake up.

Hannah's Mommy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

A makeover of sorts

We are having a wonderful visit with John's mom. Hannah is VERY happy to have her Grandma Williams here! They have a special bond and I am so glad about that.

So far, we've just run some errands, driven around a little, and yet mostly stayed at home and just spent time together. Grandma and Hannah especially like to put puzzles together. Hannah loves having companionship, so I know she is in seventh heaven to have such a special guest!

When I returned from my lovely vacation a few days ago, I returne
d home to a mess--a frustrating, inFuriating follicle mess! Hannah had gotten a knot in her hair about as big as a bird's nest! It was so insane, we couldn't brush, comb, or coax it out. So it had to go. So now folks, pictured above is the involuntary makeover of a nine-year-old girl. From long and luxurious to cute, sassy and Pixie Girl!

Oh, and did I mention: I was the hairdresser? Welcome to Williams' Salon! ha! Pretty good for my first time, I suppose! Actually fairly even in the back. Maybe I have a new career?... Nah.

All for now,

p.s. These photos were taken about a week or two apart. Does she look older now?
p.s.s. Mom? This was the "surprise" I told you about that Hannah wanted to show you. So, uh, SURPRISE! ha!