Monday, July 25, 2011


Okay, guess I'll do one more tonight. I was encouraged by my auntie's and sister's (in-law) fast responses. ;) I call this one Sunbeams.


Well, here's another zentangle I created. I worked with lots of tangles (patterns) I've never done before and then colored it. I've been studying my Time to Tangle with Color book I recently got and having a blast. I especially like the one big "coil" pattern that goes through the entire middle of it all. My first time to draw it and it turned out pretty neat! Hope you enjoy!
All for now,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Tangled Up!

Okay, so you know me, always watching out for the next craft technique to come down the pike! A friend of mine told me about "Zentangling." What in the world is that? Well, to the founders, "tangles" is just another word for pattern. So they came up with a cool way to showcase lots of patterns together and, while it sometimes looks awfully "busy," can still be a whole lot of fun to create. I think the Zentangle "purists," prefer strictly black and white, but I personally like BnW plus a little color to make them pop!

The above photo is my second or third attempt. I looked up Zentangles online and there are tons of them everywhere! Lots of creative people out there, I tell you! I'm glad to have found it because I'd kind of reached a plateau with my card-making. I still enjoy it to a degree, but I think I was ready for something different.

Anyway, on a more personal note, we are having a nice summer. We found out John will be teaching part-time at Southwestern Adventist University this fall--audio and video production. He'll also be teaching business speech communication at Tarrant County College again too. It's a lot of work, but after last year, we are glad to have "too" much work than not enough. His teaching is in ADDITION to the usual 30+ hours he works for Dogster (now called owned by Say Media). So he will be a very busy man. But as I said, we are grateful!

Hannah's enjoying her summer. She spends the bulk of her time swimming, reading, watching free episodes on, swimming, running errands with me and her daddy, playing on the computer, occasionally meeting up with a classmate or two, and oh, did I say swimming? ha! It's nice to see that she still loves to swim and it's such good exercise. She's also, much to her dismay, doing some schoolwork in a workbook we purchased. We wanted to make sure she doesn't forget what she learned in 5th grade, so she works in the book once or twice a week. She has a prettttty good attitude about it! ha!

I can tell she's getting older, as she does not play with her toys as much as she used to. And as she used to absolutely LOVE playing with her neighborhood children, she seems to want a little more alone time, or "me" time. I think some of that is because they are three years younger and she gets tired of playing Barbies all the time! She does still enjoy one little girl who is almost nine, because that girl will sit and just talk and visit and is a little less rowdy than the others. My Hannah girl is such a mixture of John and me. As long as she maintains a good balance of alone time and being sociable, then I'm happy with that!

More tangles to come! (I know you're waiting with bated breath! ha!)

All for now,