Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hannah really loves our little bunny, Honey.

Honey loves to chew on anything and everything, but one of her favorite things to chew on is cardboard. So we save our paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls (our own form of recycling! Ha!) Then we give them to Honey.

I knew Honey had hit the big time for a rabbit when I discovered a “gift” Hannah had given her: a fancy Kleenex box (we’ve all been a bit sniffly lately) with the words printed on it: To Honey; Love Hannah.

This rabbit’s got it MADE!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Too busy!

Well, just a quick note that in the last two weeks we've been to the ER for John when he had a kidney stone and then last week he had surgery to obliterate that stone. Then this weekend Hannah was the flower girl in a wedding. So of course that meant rehearsal dinner and rehearsal Saturday night, and then up early Sunday to fix her hair. She looked beautiful. We plan to order pix from the photographer at some point.

The wedding was wonderful, of course. The bride glowing. And yes, I cried when Hannah and the Bible boy (Adventist version of the Ring Bearer), her friend Parker, walked down the aisle together. Hard not to wonder, incurable romantic that I am, if in 20 years they could walk down the aisle yet again. As a couple. Parker's a quality young man, I can't help myself. No, no; I won't push that or anything. It's just a fun speculation.

Guess that's enough catch-up for now!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Hannah is very happy and loving school and life right now. She just celebrated her 8th birthday this past Friday, February 8, her golden birthday. John and I showed up with cupcakes in the shape of a heart, at lunchtime, for her and her classmates. She was really jazzed about that! It humbles me to think how happy, truly joyful, my and John’s company, brings her. Like John said, I think she’d have been happy if we’d have simply shown up to eat lunch with her, minus the cupcakes.

I created a cute little “flag” out of paper. I used pink paper and wrote “Happy Birthday, Hannah! Love, Mommy and Daddy.” Then I put some stickers and wrote a big “8” on the other side of the flag. I taped the flag to a wooden dowel, painted gold, and stuck it in the middle cupcake.

I actually had set up a neat thing where I was going to pay this young lady, who sings and perform at Six Flags Over Texas programs, to dress up as a princess for Hannah’s birthday. She was going to surprise Hannah at school, at lunchtime, and maybe sing some Disney song. But that fell through. At least Hannah never knew about it, I was really careful not to talk about it, and I'm glad I didn't, because the girl flaked out!

I recently read one of Hannah's homework assignments, and it was very interesting. Since Hannah attends a private (Christian) school now, she has Bible class. One of her homework questions said to name a time when God helped her through a difficult time. She wrote about how it was hard when her “mom and dad and me moved here to Texas,” but that God had helped her. I was glad to read that she’s depending on God’s strength for trying times.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Doing Okay

Here's a cute card I made.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Decorating stuff

A lot has happened since my last blog, but I'm just going to post some shots of some of my decorating. I bought some plain wooden frames and painted them a pretty teal and minty green color. Then I used coordinating ribbons in chocolate brown, cream, and teal, to tie it all together and hang them on the wall. We don't have a very big place at all, or I wold do more of this sort of thing. I've thought about seeing if I could sell some of my stuff on, which is sort of like ebay for artists.

Anyway, I'll go ahead and posts some of the pix. The photos are all ones I've taken with my Holga camera, which is lot of fun, a perfect square, kinda different.