Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nature and more nature!

I went to my favorite nature trail last weekend and decided to take some pictures. (Thanks, Hannah, for reminding me to take the camera!)

Anyway, I had a nice time. It was still hot out, but I was determined to enjoy some pretty scenery anyway. I saw Mr. Snake and, gulping down my reptile phobia, got pretty close to take a picture of him. Maybe six inches away? Of course, the fact that he was pretty small was the ONLY reason I was able to get close. He didn't move, for which I was very grateful! :)

But I mostly thought the sunflower turned out so pretty, I just had to share. And of course, had to make a simple collage just for fun.

Everything is SOOOO incredibly dry here in Texas. We are desperate for rain! But I try to see the beauty everywhere I go, wet or dry.

Enjoy life!

All for now,