Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho Ho Ho for Hannah Ro

Ho Ho Ho

Hannah playing "Guitar" like her bear's purse.

Hannah, being all matchy-matchy with her bear--and they didn't even PLAN it! ha!

Hannah Bear is one happy little girl. She got a Hannah Montana bear for Christmas. It's the first (and probably last) time we went to Build-A-Bear. I resisted as long as possible, mostly because of the $$ cost and also because once you start down that road, it can be hard to stop (commercialism, buying what's popular, etc.)

Thanks to the generosity of family and good ole mom and dad, she is now the proud "mom" of the Hannah Montana Bear. It does seem custom-fit to her likes, I have to admit. It's white with purple trim (nose, portions of inner ear, etc.), and the name Hannah Montana, I guess it was just meant to be.

It's so funny, because one of our nicknames for our Hannah is Hannah Bear. So now we have two Hannah Bears in the family.

The clothes are, of course, extra for the bear at the store. But I know where the bargains are. I went to Target the same night we welcomed HB and bought, from the $1 bin, a little pink onesie that said, "Beary Christmas." And of course some pink socks. So now the bear has some pajamas. You should have seen our girlie's eyes when I told her that her bear had a Christmas present to "open!" I think I won a mommy award for that (which is good, because I snapped at my darling daughter when shopping earlier in the day and I supposed the beary pj's might make up for that.)

We took both Hannah Bears to church today (of course), with both decked out in purple dresses. Where, do you ask, did the bear's dress come from? Why, Hannah's "baby memories" box, of course! Then a crocheted sweater from a beloved family member (Grammy or Grandma W.?) sealed the look.

I'm a bit flummoxed on whether I've reached a new realm in motherhood--that is, buying clothes for a stuffed animal! Or scrounging around in 8-year-old storage trunks! I guess I'll just not make a habit of it! ha! And I wonder why I never seem to get caught up on my own life's To Do list. Maybe that's the thing: this IS my life list. Hannah. Mother/Daughter Moments. Memories. Love. Something to think about.


Winter Berries photo

Winter berries on a not-so-wintery day in Texas (December 2008)

Williams holidays, never a dull moment!

A very unflattering photo of me (ha!), looking extremely cultured with my "bib," eating a carrot. Mom and sis look great and Hannah looks her usual silly self, with a sucker in her mouth. Extremely messy, uh, excuse me, lived in house in the background.

Lots of love between these gals! Hannah, me, Mom

Well, we have sure had quite a week-and-a-half! On the same day my sister arrived, my dad began having chest pains and went to the hospital. He decided to have the surgery the next day, to have a chest stint put in (angiogram?), but the doctors found that he had the heart of a 20-year-old and clear arteries! What wonderful news. On the bad side, we still don't know what's causing his chest pains--it's stumped the doctors and my extremely brilliant physician assistant sister!

Anyway, things settled down after a couple of days and we were able to enjoy a nice full weekend of family, food and fun. My sis and I even got in some nice shopping together!

I think the bond between my sister and Hannah is so sweet. They have similar personalities that love practical jokes, laughing and have a general joie de vivre! It's so great to see them having fun together.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little birdie told me

Happy Birthday card

Monday, December 8, 2008

10 Reasons I Love Creating Art

You know you love creating ART when:

You wipe off the kitchen table very carefully after a meal, not because of impressive housekeeping habits, but because you want the surface clean for the next session with glitter, glue, and scissors.

9. You hurry through your meal so you can get back to creating.

8. Your heart beats a little faster at the sight of well-made, handcrafted items.

7. You spend hours at the bookstore, poring over the latest magazines and art journals until you have read every single issue currently on the newsstands, and must wait not-so-patiently! for the next month's issues to appear.

6. You get so caught up in the process of creating, you forget to (fill in the blank): go to bed, eat, leave for an appointment, make important phone calls, blog, etc.

5. The words "doodle," "hue" and "monochromatic" fill you with JOY.

4. You'd (almost) rather shop for art supplies than for clothes.

You daydream about colors, patterned paper, swirls, twirls, palettes, and all things art in general.

2. The fake gems on the derriere of your jeans start to fall off, you pick them off the floor with excitement, and begin plotting how you will use the "gem" or rhinestone in your next creation.

And the number 1 reason you know you love creating art is (drum roll please):

1. When your hubby and wee one are driving home to be with mommy, and he asks her what does she think mommy will be doing when we get home, her simple, one-word answer says it all:


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Conversations with my McHannah

John often takes Hannah to McDonald's so she can "burn off the energy," while he can still log on to a wireless connection/hotspot. They don't eat much there (much to the chagrin of management, I'm sure), just a little fruit 'n yogurt.
But I didn't realize, until the following conversation, just how much fast food venues have become a part of our routine:

Tricia, out and about with her girlie: "Hey Hannah, let's go out to eat."

Hannah, gleeful about any time spent with mommy: "Ok! Are we going to McDonald's?"

Tricia: "No, baby, we're going someplace better than that! Someplace special."

Hannah, after a brief pause and a quick smile brightening her face: "Hey, I know! What about Burger King!"

Oh my. Note to self: provide daughter with more of a variety in culture and dining. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hannah Bear Woes

How. Tiger Lily here. Peeking around tree.
Love purple feather in hair. Love having
true Native American blood on mother's side.

Hannah bear has been going through some third-grade trials and, of course, that makes this Mama Bear want to growl.

Alas, we have reached the "Let's start a club" scenario, or another way to say it is: "let's find a way to exclude others and bring them to tears by acting petty and unkind."
It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that this is her Best Friend, or at least she was last year.

I shall, for purposes of protecting the (innocent?), call her "M" and the other girl will be "V."
Well, last year Hannah and M were oh such dear friends. Then a new girl, V, enters the picture. Warning bells sounded in Mama Bear's heart, but she wanted to believe the best, and not say what she was thinking "Can three girls REALLY get along and not leave anyone out?"

Apparently so, at first. But the last few weeks, Hannah has been talking more and more about M just kind of ignoring what Hannah wants to do and play, that M had PROMISED (don't ever think a promise isn't important to an 8-year-old) that they would play a very special game at recess. Well, M ditched Hannah for someone else and it's been downhill since. Now that wouldn't be so bad, just the simple fact of them playing different games, or things, at recess. But now M and V are playing something called "Popular Girls." Well, as the name suggests, you can imagine what that is all about. They are acting all 'tweeny' or teenagerish, like they are all of a sudden too cool for ANYTHING. And Hannah, still happy-go-lucky, and still a regular 8-year-old kid, is wondering "What in the world?"

I will never forget the day we talked about it at length, two weeks ago, on the way home from school. After she described the situation, she looked at me full in the face and said, "Mommy, I don't want to be mean. I don't want to leave anyone out, the way they do in that game. I just want to be me."

I wanted to cry right then, because I KNOW how she feels, felt it to the max, when I was little. I always felt like I marched to the beat of a different drummer, especially when there was ugliness and unkind actions on the playground or in the gym. I never knew what to do about it. I just knew I felt so lonely. She continued, "I want to be nice, like Jesus wants us to be. And I want to play kid things--I'm not ready to be all grown up-like yet."

I'm not either, Baby. Oh, my precious girl, hang in there. I asked her if she wanted to try to work it out for herself, or if she would accept some suggestions/advice from her dear old ma. She swished/pointed her finger back and forth between us and said, "You and me, Mommy, you and me!"

So I told her that what might help is to not cry each time they run off and ignore her. And to act like she is perfectly fine (even if she's not on the inside). I told her it's okay if she can't pretend she's not hurt, for a few days; but that, if she feels the heartache lessening somewhat, to go ahead and just act like she's fine and dandy. And then those girls might actually say, "Hey, where's Hannah? I wonder if she wants to play with us?" I told her that even if they do, they've proved they're fairweather friends and not to rejoice TOO much if that happens, but to just act cool. Also, I reminded her she has a ton of very nice kids in her class who would be more than happy to play with her.

It's difficult, because she's always been the much-loved, adored friend. Everybody loves her and wants to be near her. So this has probably been a shock to her system. But you know what? I'm glad that she came to me and told me about it. I am also a little, uh, what's the word, "glad" that she will learn what it's like to feel left out so that she will not be tempted to do that to others, even in the future. And that people will continue to disappoint, even "dear" friends. But not her Friend in heaven.

But we both prayed and invited Jesus in on the matter. And then we went shopping! ha! (We happened to be in the Big Lots parking lot when the rush of information came forth.)
Anyway, I've tried to spend more time with her and assured her of our love, and how much we care about her, and love to be with her, and inspire confidence in her, of who she is, that she's doing the right thing to not be swayed into being unkind or exclusive. But it sure takes a lot out of a parent. Worth it, though. Sooooo worth it.

Latest note on the school situation: the other night I asked her how it's been going. She said that those girls said to her, after she had played it all "cool," "Hey, Hannah, aren't you going to come play with us?? Come on, we want you!"
She grinned up at me, and said, "Hey, Mommie! I just realized your advice worked. Wow, you are a good advice-giver."

Awww, music to my ears--and contentment from seeing my girlie smile again.

How do you like my hair? card

Adorable "I love puppies" card

I like this 1950s image of the girl holding the puppies. Looks very American, apple pie, wholesome. . . Lots of swirls and pretty patterned paper makes for a very colorful card!

Kokopelli dancers

The dancer image is stamped into air drying clay with black ink, and creates a 3-d look with the embellishment. Pretty ribbon highlights the red hues in the patterned paper.

Peeking around the pillar card

Monday, December 1, 2008

You must have been a beautiful baby (tra-la-la) card

Note the tiny crown sticker on top of the baby's head. Know what it's from? I bought one of those kid manicure sets in the $1 bin at Target, which had a ton of stickers (and are usually priced at about 3.99 at craft stores! Craft-way robbery!) Anyhoo, that's where the little crown is from. Cute, cute, I say!

Dream Believe Inspire card

A card I made using my own maternal grandmother's picture

Pink Collage card