Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving and Athletic awards

I thought I'd post some photos of Hannah at her athletic awards ceremony. She is pictured here with her coach, George Todd, who must be the best coach ever! He was very encouraging and always let the girls know what they did right and what they did wrong in such a great manner. I will always be grateful to him for helping Hannah grow so much, not only in softball but as a person as well. Like her mama (unfortunately), she can be a little perfectionist, but he was really good about "giving permission" to fail--because that's how you learn. He was totally inspiring! Maybe that's why our girlie got the Most Improved Player award! He said that she was the most dependable outfielder he had by the end of the season (said to us in private after the ceremony). They only gave out two awards, hers and Most Valuable Player. Way to go, Hannah!

In other news, we are moving about 40 miles south to Keene/Cleburne area. There have been several things that we said would need to happen for us to even want to move, and they've ALL happened. So... on our 14th wedding anniversary, August 1, we will spend that most romantic of days lugging our possessions from one venue to another! ha! But hey, at least we'll be together!

We have some leads on some places to live and I'm going down Friday to look at a 3-bedroom apartment. Ohhhh, I can't tell you how wonderful it would be to have a place to keep our home office and my art supplies! We are so crowded here! But, I will try to be content if we can only find a 2-bedroom place. Really. I will. ;)

I'm looking forward to being closer to family, both my parents, as well as John's cousins in Cleburne. We hardly ever get to see them with us being so busy...

John, Hannah and I toured Hannah's new school, Keene Adventist Elementary School, last week. We met some very nice girls and were able to visit with them and sit in on a couple of classes. It was sweet, several of the girls crowded around Hannah when we visited and started asking her questions, and even fought over her to sit at their different tables. Balm to her soul, I can tell you!

AND, Miss Hannah is already set to attend a 3-day volleyball camp this July so she can learn more about it for next year. The volleyball coach, who is 8th grade homeroom teacher and Hannah's math teacher, is really energetic and her excitement for sports is contagious! We figure Hannah can get to know more girls during that time too.
Well, there's probably lots more, but I guess I'll close. Sorry I've not written much. My computer, poor thing, is getting older and therefore it takes lots of time for me to get on here, to add photos and such.

All for now,

Hot Red Boots Girl

Here's a fun collage painting I just created. I used acrylic paints for the skirt. I used the method of blowing through a straw to get the thinned acrylic paints to spread out in "inkblot" fashion. The boots are created with watercolor paper I painted. I created the foliage by using the "netting" that my oranges came in. And lastly, I used a paper punch to create the border. There is some pen & ink work on the boots as well as the fence.

Hope you enjoy!

All for now,