Saturday, April 10, 2010

Looking at me??

This is just a fun one I made of John and Hannah. They love being silly!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Hannah and I had a wonderful time at the zoo on Easter. Her class went on an overnight trip to SeaWorld last week and John and I decided we didn't want to send Hannah on that trip. So I took Hannah to the zoo as a "consolation prize." We had a blast!

Because we were doing this all on the cheap, daddy simply dropped us off, so we only paid for the girls' tickets and no parking. We heard the lion roaring from pretty far away. We exchanged embarrassed smiles and giggles at the chimpanzees and their--ahem--bare bottoms hanging out. We saw bats, snakes, lions, tigers, bears, raptors, zebras, flamingoes, lemurs, a warthog, well, you get the idea. They even had a bug exhibit (not my favorite). The python and cobras were quite impresssssssive.

I think my favorite part was visiting the Texas Wild section. They had exhibits and animals from all sections of the state. I loved the Gulf Coast exhibit, where I touched a sea urchin, starfish, and skate (like a sting ray). I've never touched any of those before and that was fun. We even saw a sea turtle.

We were tired, hungry and very happy when we left the zoo. What a great way to spend Easter--celebrating not only the animals but the Creator who made them all!

All for now,