Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random pix and random thoughts

Things I learned, or realized anew, today:

To listen to my instincts, even when others are telling me their way is the only way. I must listen to my heart. Cliche, but true.


How much fun it is to talk to my child on the phone. It's different than talking in person. Not a lot. But I sometimes I can better tell how much she's maturing when we talk on the phone. I listen more closely to what she's saying, and how she's saying it.


That even when I don't get a good night's sleep, sometimes I have a better day if I put on some pretty clothes and go out on the town, than if I stay in shorts and a t-shirt and stay home.


That I can talk to my best girlfriend on the phone for one hour and it feels like it's only 5 minutes. Never having been a phone person, that's pretty cool and a tribute to our friendship.


That I can enjoy other people's talents showcased on their blogs without feeling that I am "less than" simply because I can't draw, sew, play the guitar, etc... There's always going to be someone out there more talented, more creative, more something than me: and at 35, that's finally OK with me.


That every day my husband is out of town on business (a rare occurrence), I can sing a version of the song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," until he comes home again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love Letters

Every now and then, I write love notes. To John, to Hannah, to my family and friends. And every now and then, they write me back.

When Hannah first got her Bible and a couple of times since, I've slipped a couple of love notes inside so she would find them. To my delight, Hannah reciprocated.

However, because I read about three different Bibles at any given time, I had no idea about the love notes awaiting me in my Women's devotional one. I still have no idea how long they were there, just waiting to be read; she never mentioned them. All I know is that I wish I'd read it sooner, so I could have seen these precious letters.

I wonder how often I've miss out on God's love letter, simply because I don't open His Word. I wonder if I've missed out on His loving words of encouragement, mercy and forgiveness simply because I never checked.

Notice Hannah's note on the left especially. The original is on 8.5 X 11 paper. It's hard to miss. Look at all those exclamation marks (with MY own calligraphy pen, no less! ha!). This letter NEVER fails to bring a smile to my face.

Most people have a "life verse." I never go on and on about mine, but I do have one. It's found in Jeremiah 31:3:

"The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying, 'I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.'"

Wow. Could He be any more plain spoken? Did you feel the exclamation marks in your heart? Feel them. Know them. He's ready to tell you in person today, just how much He loves you. I pray it will bring a smile to your face--and heart--today.

All for now,

A spontaneous date with my dad

This past weekend, I really wanted to be out in nature. Sometimes the city just feels claustrophobic to me and I like to get away.

Anyway, I invited my daddy to go on an excursion to a lake with me. We just drove and drove until we got tired of driving; then a lady we met told us about a park where you could get a nice view of Lake Whitney. It was awesome! After we walked along the rocky shoreline, we sat at a picnic table, talked, took goofy pictures of each other and generally had a fun time. I'll try to post more of the pix later, but here's a pretty shot of the lake for now.

All for now,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

John and Hannah equals FUN!

These pictures are so much fun! Since my computer is in the shop for mild repairs (at least I'm hoping), I've been using our older computer, which has older photos on the hard drive. I also didn't have many of my digital collage fun stuff or embellishments, but I thought this collage turned out pretty well.

These "retro" pix were taken in Kentucky. Hannah had banged up her chin while visiting auntie Pam and family in Florida, thus the "look-at-me bandage." Aunt Pam fixed Hannah's boo-boo up so well, in fact, that the girlie didn't need stitches! Thank you dear sister!

I wasn't a part of this "photo session," but it looks to me like John and Hannah took turns taking pictures of each other while playing in the backyard. The end results are a lot of fun. I especially like the closeup of John. He looks handsome, fun-loving and full of life, just like always.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling all house-wifey...

For some reason, lately I've been Becky Home-ecky (hmm, never spelled that out before). I mean, I like to do *some* domestic things, but in the past two or three weeks, I've cleaned, iron and cooked more than I have in--ahem--let's just say quite some time. What is the reason for all this domestic bliss?

Not sure, exactly, but here are a few theories:

Like a lot of women, I don't know the meaning of "take it slow" and can't stand to just "do nothing;"

Due to the flu and pneumonia a couple of weeks back, I'm doing homey type chores because I can't do all the running around outside the home that I REALLY want to do;

Then there are the practical reasons, such as the fact that I was wearing the same shirt or two over and over when there are at least a few more perfectly fine but WRINKLED shirts hanging in my closet. Laziness, pure laziness. But desire for variety won over slobbishness and I now wear a healthy variety of color and style ("thank goodness," hubby John breathed silently!) ha!;

I watched my daughter eat practically the same supper, Veggie Burger Griller and vegetables and my mother's heart strings were touched; this child needs some different FOOD! Again, laziness, pure and simple;

The (hard) floors were so incredibly dirty (true confession time here), I just couldn't stand them any longer. You know you have dirty floors when you dread for the apartment maintenance manager (whose clothes ooze with grease!) to come by to fix the dripping faucet! Pretty bad! (For some reason, the carpet gets cleaned way more. Go figure.);

And last but not least: Hannah is in school! It's just so much easier to get things done around the house when you're sans child!

That being said, if we receive any visitors, say two weeks from now, or two MONTHS from now, please do NOT, I repeat, do NOT expect us to be clean, well-fed, or well-clothed. This state is, by all accounts, an anomaly, a freak of nature. This is JUST a phase.

For now, we will eat (terrific lasagna), drink, and be merry (or clean!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting a routine...

Just a quick note to say I'm feeling much better. I won't write much, as I am on our old computer, and the keys "stick" sometimes, so it can look like I don't speel worth a hoot. (Yes, I misspelled that on purpose for fun...) lol

Spending lots of quality time with Hannah (and fourth grade homework) these days. Fun, fun! I often sit down with her, especially with math, and go v-e-r-y slowly, if need be. I often felt like I could do harder math problems if I could only go at my own pace. So I'm trying to help Hannah girl as much as possible.

She's so funny when she does homework: she has to talk through just about every single homework problem she comes home with. Not only does she talk all day long, about everything and anything, but if she's not talking, she hums, sings, makes funny noises with her mouth (some quite annoying). I've told her to go ahead and make the noises if it helps her to think, but she can't tell personal stories while she's working on the schoolwork.

I mean, that child can STALL for time like no other, and one way she does this is if her schoolwork mentions a bear, or a car, or a village, or Africa, she has something to say or ask on every subject! Someday this will take her far, I imagine! ha! I can see her in a career where she gets PAID to talk. But for today, I say to myself, just get your homework done, Baby! And now, she even catches herself when starting to launch into some great tale; she takes a deep breath, giggles and says, "Ooh, almost told a personal story there! But I caught myself!"

I think most of the illness has passed at school and things have settled down into a routine. Then again, I probably shouldn't type that. Seems like life can sure throw you a curveball when you think you've got a good rhythm going, right? ha!

I don't have many pix on this computer, so I can't post a pic today. I'll try to make it up and post two another day, how about that!

Okay, well, I'll leave you with this quote, from the Barbara Walters' book, Audition, which I'm currently reading (the book's actually pretty good, but I read the Tim Russert book before that, and it was amazing):

When asked if she ever felt anger or bitterness toward her husband's (President Johnson) detractors, Lady Bird Johnson replied in this interview with Barbara W., "I am too close to the great departure from life to harbor anger."

That quote just stuck with me, and thought I'd share.

All for now,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Autumn: Almost here!

I'm so excited that fall is almost here!

Ah, autumn: the crisp, need-my-sweater weather; hand-carved pumpkins; apple cinnamon candles; soup, laden with vegetables, simmering on the stove; cozy, cuddle-filled nights with that extra blanket on top; walking atop "crunchies" (acorns) near big and small oaks alike; and the put-another-log-in-the-fireplace feeling. It's almost here!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hannah and fourth grade

Here's a go at some "creative" writing, and a stab at humor regarding our last couple of weeks:

"See Hannah start fourth grade. See how Hannah enjoys fourth grade. See Hannah and many classmates (8 out of 24) get sick in the SECOND WEEK of the school year. See parents turn to each other and say, "Oh my. It's like having Dick and Jane and Hannah back at home for the summer!"
Teacher makes sure there isn't too much homework at night so the children do not get too far behind. See parents be grateful."

I'll be posting more of life's happenings before too long. Just wanted to post a little something new for those who are tired of seeing the same old stuff on my blog (like myself).

On a quick health note: I saw a doctor today and she said I seem to be doing better, that the rather violent coughing (my terminology) is normal to get all the stuff out of my lungs. I asked if I should be concerned about Hannah's lingering cough and she said no, not if Hannah's breathing patterns and temps are normal. That's good; I'll keep an eye on her still, of course, Mama Bear that I am.