Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty cards

I still love creating cards. The first picture is one I created for Valentine's Day this year. I was going to send it to a loved one, but liked it so much, I decided to keep it for myself! ha! I actually created a whole bunch of Valentine's for my family, but don't think I've sent a one. (sigh) The best-laid plans...

The second one is a lot of fun, lots of pretty colors. Notice the eggs in the nest are actually very small rhinestone-like stickers placed exactly over each stamped egg image.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 years, 10 reasons I love Hannah

Well, I couldn't NOT post a birthday collage for Hannah, so here it is. The rule of thumb in graphic design is not to use more than three different fonts on one page--and I came in at three! Funny the things you learn in college that stick with you. I guess I should thank my publication design professor (no, not John, although he may have told me that tidbit as well). I'm not sure what "they" do if you break the rule--throw one in grammar jail??

Lately, at the end of the day, I seem to feel very tired and a little irritable (apologies to John and Hannah) and yet I have no idea what I accomplished that day. Today was a little better. I'm still learning some computer programs such as Microsoft Access. Sometimes it makes my brain a little numb, there's so much to learn, but it's still a lot of fun. Have no idea in the world what I'll do with all this technological savvy (ha!)--I might like to work for some small- to middle-size business eventually.

Okay, all for now,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hannah had a very happy birthday. She is 10 years old now. Whew! She is getting so grown up.

A few weeks ago she told me this while we were out for a walk (and a skip): "Mommy, it's a good thing YOU are my mommy, and not someone else!"
"Why's that?" I asked.
"Because I wouldn't have the spirit I have if you weren't my mommy."

Last Friday Hannah gave a verbal book report/speech on Florence Nightingale. John went to watch her and he said she did really well. She dressed up the part to look like Florence. After the speech, the kids asked some questions like "why did you choose this person to write/talk about?"

John said she gave the absolute most amazing, articulate answer. She said, "Well, I chose Florence Nightingale because she helped lots of people get better and showed kindness to all the people. That's how I want to be when I get older. I want to help other people. I have an aunt (Pam) who is a physician's assistant. So it's in my family to want to help others. I believe this is want God wants me to do--it's very important."

Her quote pretty much says it all. I thank God for my compassion-oriented 10-year-old child. She is ever our delight.

Thank you to friends and family for the birthday wishes and gifts via cards for our girlie. We truly appreciate them.

All for now,