Friday, May 22, 2009

Rapper John and other news

Yes, that is my dear hubby posing as a "rapper dude," for the camera. No, he is not starting yet another new career, (although I secretly believe he could do anything he puts his mind to!).

No, this is simply a rather comical photo to go with a humdrum, life-with-the-Williams' update.

My latest creative endeavors include learning to crochet. So far, I like it. This winter cap, for example, John so kindly agreed to model. Well, model and WEAR. I crocheted it just for him, an early Father's Day present. I figure you can never start early enough on presents. Never mind that we may soon reach temperatures in the three digits!

But anyway, our lives have been so busy I will list them, for a little variety here, in bullet form, hopefully giving the impression I'm very organized and goal-oriented (OK, John, go ahead and laugh at that one!)

* We have attended several end-of-the-school year functions and now have enough under our belts to tide us over into the summer months (and way beyond). These include visits to the Fort Worth zoo; a Battle of the Books competition between area Seventh-day Adventist 3rd and 4th graders; a spectacular Rangers baseball game where Hannah is sure her screaming helped them to win; and of course, a musical program conducted at Arlington SDA Church that featured every kind of sea creature (which looked suspiciously like elementary school children) praising God for everything Under the Sea.

* John and I, thanks to several friends, have been able to have a few nice dates here and there, going for long (and cheap!), dreamy walks in the springtime breezes.

* Hannah has been asking questions about being baptized and what it means "exactly," a question I was thrilled to answer, even if I knew it was somewhat of a stall tactic at bedtime. :)

* After three weeks of proud guinea pig ownership, we found a lump under said piggy's neck and scurried around (us, not him) to find out if it's treatable. . . or not. After one major misdiagnosis this week, when we were told he'd have to have surgery, the second vet said it IS treatable. Jackie Fred Williams is resting comfortably in his hay-made hospital bed at home. We proudly admit that his last name is devoted, as an earlier blog post mentioned, to that short, fat, lovable roly-poly Fred Murtz of I Love Lucy show.

* Ethel, our Dodge Neon, gave us fits this week. (Yes, we have a secret fascination with that 1950s show. Now we're just waiting for some handsome Cuban to schmooze his way into our lives.) So John spent two very long days working at Tom Thumb near the Goodyear.

* I continue to toss, throw, purge, organize and donate many, many items to Goodwill or friends. On the flip side, we were ecstatic to find a large patio/balcony shade for our own home at the Dumpster. We were surprised to find it still in good working condition. John let out a Whoop! (or was that me?) when we realized we don't have to bake in the afternoon sun this summer. We now have a lot of shade, and a smidge of privacy, for those hot summer nights laden with mosquitoes and lemonade.

Life has been good, bad and ugly--but never boring. God continues to bless and keep us through it all. May He bless and keep YOU today.


Monday, May 4, 2009

He takes such good care of us

Today as I was walking, I listened to Phillps, Craig and Dean, one of my favorite contemporary Christian music groups. Their songs are so poignant and worshipful, filled with praise and glory
to God. I found the lyrics to a song, I've Got You Covered," online and thought I'd share them here. Beautiful!

"I've Got You

A scene so familiar at the old five and dime
The little boy waited his turn in line
And with eyes so intent he proudlydisplayed
The candy he'd buy with the money he'd saved
The girl at the counter wasn't sure what to do

'Cause the money was less than the price that was due
Then a stranger spoke up from his place in line

Said "Whatever he's short, just take it and add it to mine,


I've got you covered, I'll pay the difference,
You don't have to worry at all,
Whatever the cost is I'll go the distance,

If you fail, I will catch you
You know I won't let you feel like you're there all alone,
I've got you covered."

Sometimes when I look back, it's hard to explain

Just how far I've come
Yet how little has changed,
I still long to hold what seems so out of reach
Only to find out it's not what it seems,
I come to the Father, alone and afraid

In need of forgiveness yet it's so far away
I cry out for mercy, a child so in need--
With a voice of compassion the Father calls
out to me,

"I know what you"re facing, I see where you're standing
I'm holding all the answers you need
'Cause no situation will ever take you out of My reach."