Monday, April 18, 2011

Bobcat Trail and roadrunners

Photo taken from online site. By: Ucumari on

I keep forgetting to write about seeing a bobcat. It was so exciting! He was so close to me. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared. I guess I could tell he was as wary of me as I was of him. But anyway, he was beautiful! John and I found this wonderful nature trail down in Mansfield. It's a part of the Tierra Vierde Golf Course--such beauitful countryside! And of course, everything's so lush now in the spring. John and I walked there on Sunday (while Hannah played at a neighbor's house), and we enjoyed seeing a roadrunner strut his stuff right across the path! ha!

After I dropped John off at home, I headed to Central Market near downtown Fort Worth. Such a neat place, although I don't like how it's always so crowded! Then I headed over to Trinity Park, right across from Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I still had some daylight left and wanted to get another walk in. For a city park, it really is quite pretty. Anyway, we had a little excitement! I had just come back from a walk and was sitting on an overlook, watching the people down the steep bank as they fished. All of a sudden, a firetruck and ambulance show up on the scene. Turns out a lady had an argument with a wriggling catfish--and lost. The fish hook got embedded into her palm. Ouch! The only way I knew is that her kids came up to tell the paramedics where to go, and I caught snatches of their excited conversation.

As I studied Trinity River yesterday, I thought a lot about Earth Day. I really, really dislike seeing all the trash everywhere. It's just so rampant. Sometimes when I walk up to the park a mile from our house, I take a big trashbag and clean up alongside the road as I walk. It's just so FILTHY. I hate thinking what we humans have done to our earth. And for as many who care and don't litter, there are so many who DON'T care, it feels like we're waging a losing battle.

All for now,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April doings

Photo: My man, hard at work... in his bathrobe! Photography by: Hannah Williams

Well, I thought I'd write a little update on how we've been doing. It's been awhile since I posted. I thought I'd post in a sort of bad news/good news format!

Bad news: Last week Hannah was sick and missed a day of school.
Good news: She was only sick for part of Tuesday and all of Wednesday, and was raring to go Thursday.

Bad news: John was sick last week too.
Good news: With lots of TLC, he didn't miss *any* work (of course, I'd have to tie that man to our bed even if he coughed up a lung--he's pretty dedicated to his commitments!)

Bad news: The "malfunction indicator light" started coming back on and we had to take our car into the shop on Friday and not have any transportation over the weekend. Totally stuck!
Good news: Our car didn't act crazy until AFTER payday! And even then, the bill wasn't as high as it could have been. Also, neither John nor I were far away from home when it happened.

Bad news: John had decided he didn't want to "bother" anyone to take him and Hannah to school on Monday, so he said they'd just walk the 5 miles. He ended up walking in the lightning, hail and heavy rain with only a rain slicker for protection. (And caught a ride back home to pick up Hannah.) I couldn't decided whether to wop him on the side of the head (frustration) or hug him (in admiration for his dedication). He has what you'd call "dogged determination!" I like to think if this was a western, he'd be saddling up and heading up the posse to round up the bad guys (yes, I've been watching Big Valley on again, folks!) ha!

Bad news: We still don't have a clear plan for what John will be doing about employment for the summer and next fall
Good news: God will take care of us as He always has. He keeps helping money and jobs to come into our lives at just the right time.

Bad news: I feel so cut off from my friends and terribly lonely, since I'm unable to attend my Bible study or other things since John needs the car more often.
Good news: He has sent friends to me in the past and I know He will continue to give me a good friend-filled future!

All for now,