Saturday, January 31, 2009

A scrapbook page of my aunt and uncle

Here is a rather simple heritage page that features my precious aunt and uncle, my dad's siblings.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A scrapbook page of my Grandma Schnell

Hello to some new recipients of my posts:

I promise you I will not "bother" you, just wanted to share some of my artwork that involves family legacy and a wonderful heritage. I occasionally post (once or twice a month) and I have included you all (I can only have 10 email addresses) for this blog. This blog, turtleonalog, is a blog/diary that features mostly my artwork.

My other blog, gives update on our little Williams family. Anyway, welcome. If you would rather not receive these messages, just let me know.

Here is a digital scrapbook page of my beloved Grandma Schnell, my dad's mom. I wish I'd gotten to know her better. I look forward to heaven and sitting on the front porch, chatting about all sorts of things.

I am grateful to have photos of my grandparents, great-grandparents. I hope to someday write out more stories on these Schnell legacy pages as I learn more about these wonderful ancestors.

And so it continues... Tricia

John's "manly" shelf

I thought I'd show a little corner of John's world: the shelf next to his side of the bed. His sister gave us the statue of the fisherman; we bought the little ship in Galveston; and I took the photograph in Florida.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More pretty room pix

Hannah's "newly decorated" room

Because of a snow/ice day, Hannah got out of school early Tuesday and then didn't even have school on Wednesday. So...we had some extra time together.

Now, a couple of weeks ago I went to Goodwill and bought some items for her room, which I considered a very good deal: purple lampshade ($2), wicker wastebasket ($1) and purple heart-shaped pillow that says Be Mine (.35 cents!). We already had a lovely gauzy white/purple/pink/blue canopy that we'd never put up in this apartment, because I felt like it would make her room seem even more cluttered! But I decided to go ahead and buy a hook and set it up, along with the other Goodwill items.

Then, we brought out her cheap old dresser, re-painted some trouble spots, and decorated the knobs with heart stickers (Hannah's idea). Hannah helped me paint (just some good old gesso I use for my crafts), and the old thing really perked up, especially with the stickers.
I thought since we were home for a snow day anyway, that she'd get a real kick out of helping me fix her room up. Besides, you can't beat the price--$5 or thereabouts all told!

I've been hoping we could do something nice for her birthday and this is what I came up with, including a couple of summer church dresses, a purple one and a white one, that I know she will love! (
She hasn't opened the dresses yet, or another gift, because her b-day isn't until February 8.) I got them (where else?) at Goodwill on the 50% off sale, so they were each only $2. You can't tell me God doesn't care about the little stuff!

One last thing: Hannah's third grade class was scheduled to go see a play, but they couldn't go because of the really bad roads. When she came home, though, she was in pretty good spirits. She even commented that this was "the best day ever."

Surprised at that, I told her, "Hannah, I'm really proud of you for taking this so well! I know you wanted to see that play!"

And she said, "Oh, I am kind of disappointed. But really, I'm just so glad to get to spend extra time with YOU, Mommy!"

Well. Makes all that planning and fussing and decorating her room all worth it! Yay and double yay.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tricia's mom at seven (photo collage)

OK, Mommie, here's a scrapbook page about you. You are such a cutie. It's hard to believe you are younger in this photo than Hannah is right now.

I'm glad you were a girly girl and that it runs in the family. I may not like to wear dresses much (or frilly hats), but I do like pretty things. Thank you for the legacy of love, beauty, femininity, and kindness you share with other severy day of your life.

Your Trishey

p.s. Tell daddy that if you click on the picture, it often opens up a little bigger, so he won't have to squint!

Monday, January 19, 2009

JV Schnell's boyhood memories

Here's a picture of my dad and his brothers, and some more of his memories.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Schnell legacy, The Beginning

For several years now, I have been typing up my parents' memories, hoping to glean some family history, knowledge, and insight while listening to them talk about their youth.

I'm finally beginning to incorporate my digital collage skills with my parents memories, little by little, and create family scrapbook pages, filled with love.

This collage contains photos of my dad and some of his childhood memories. I absolutely love hearing about his youth. It helps me get to know him better and even get to know myself better. Thank you, Daddy, for being so wonderful. Mommie, watch out--'cause you're NEXT! ha!

Tricia's ultrasound

Just wanted to give an update: Today was kinda rough. I had to go have an ultrasound again to re-check the size of the cyst--and since I have a yeast infection (from all the round of antibiotics), it was kind of painful. Mostly, I just got emotional and started crying, both from the pain and just the reality setting in. I asked the technician if the cyst still looked big and she said yes. So...I will go in next Tuesday to find out the blood test and ultrasound results and go from there.

I came home and just slept for several hours. I've been fine (or in denial) emotionally, but like I said, it all kind of hit me today.

John and Hannah are out and about, at the library and running errands, etc., because I asked him for some extra quiet time this evening, to just read, chill, play on computer, write letters. I've been enjoying scanning in some old ancestral photos some relatives sent me and creating digital scrapbook pages with them, so that has kept me busy. Plus half-listening to American Idol wannabes belt out some songs with some good and not-so-good sets of pipes! ha!

All for now--Tricia

Friday, January 2, 2009

Quite the New Year's for the Williams family!

Well, this has been quite the week. I thought we'd have a nice second week of vacation, but it was not meant to be:

I went to a girlfriend's house to spend the night and day with her for some crafts, fun and girlfriend chatting. She made a wonderful meal for us that evening (Sunday) and about an hour later I began to feel sick. Well, it got worse and worse, but I still tried to sleep. But I kept having to go to the bathroom. I couldn't imagine going to the ER, but that's what happened!

She drove me there and we spent all night and then all Monday as well, with the doctors running all sorts of tests. They were concerned with my spiking fever, projectile (sorry) vomiting (12 times), chills, and extremely high white blood cell count. Well, so was I!

They found inflamed lymph nodes and an ovarian cyst, not yet ruptured, on the ultrasound. Hard to believe something like that could cause so much trouble. I follow up with my doctor so he can see if the antibiotics eliminated it or what else we should do, this Monday.

So I've been doped up to the max for several days now, not able to drive or anything. With Hannah still home. Lots of togetherness. Going stark raving mad! :) School. Can't. Come. Fast. Enough.

The same day I got home from the hospital, we found out that Hannah's Sabbath school teacher, the main reason we kept going back to the Burleson SDA church at first, was killed in a drunk driving crash that day. We were devastated! We have still not told Hannah about it because John then got sick and had to go to the clinic today and make sure his lungs were clear, because we were concerned about his horrible coughing.

I want to thank God for helping us with little things, like the fact that even though there were about 30 people at the ER ahead of me, they took me second (they said that even with my stoicism, they could tell I was about to pass out from the pain!); very kind nurses and doctors; so many prescriptions not costing too much $$; someone saying they will watch Hannah this weekend. We will rest, but we will also have time to sit down to figure out how in the world to handle our ever-dwindling budget; $$ coming from family and friends just at the right time, to help with food, tuition, etc.; God helping to me to find secondhand clothes for just a few dollars, things Hannah or we need. I mean, I found two belts for $1.01!; or God sending work just at the time I need it to make money for the family. We praise Him for His wonderful ways, even if we don't understand them.